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Welcome to our home page.

Contact Details:

You can email Rupert at
If you have an address for Lindsey please keep using it. A new address will appear here soon.
Our Home number is +44 1353 772725

Do you know Rupert?

Rupert is Rupert Moss-Eccardt.  As far as we know, he is the only one there is (a bit like Tigger) so if you've met a Rupert Moss-Eccardt it is almost certainly him!

If you aren't sure, you may want to look at a bit of  his life history

Other things on this site:

How to find our house

Photos of the Winter 2002/2003 Floods

 Photos of dodgy Street Works

Links of interest, perhaps:

Our wedding photos:


The clever link above may not work, so here is another link to the wedding photos.

The Welney village home page; Rupert lived in Welney from ages 11 to 26
The  Letchworth Garden City page; birth to 11